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Environmental Portraits

This series of images reflects my corporate photography knowledge and background - as indicated in how I approach the landscape. Here I treat my subject matter as if I were taking a portrait of an executive. The subject is front and center, positioned about 4 feet away and the background is minimal as to not to distract from the subject. For me, making these images is not too different then my daily work back at the office. When shooting corporate assignments, the art director often asks for an "environmental portrait" when they want a person photographed in their natural environment - hence this project is apply titled "Environmental Portraits."


Walk in the Woods
saunter = to walk in a casual manner; stroll

Hiking is my passion - especially when the light is highlighting things and areas in the forest you normally wouldn't notice. Add high contrast black and white to the mix and it's magical at times. This body of work is from our numerous saunters through mostly state parks from our travels in our Boxfotos Airstream.