• Matt Larson

Photoville FENCE Project

Today we got to visit the Photoville FENCE Project down in Sarasota, Florida - about an hour south of Tampa. The FENCE is a year-around photography exhibition project shown in major parks and downtown areas across North America. The FENCE features more than 85 photographers that have submitted their works to be juried by 50-plus international art professionals. Participating cities include: Atlanta, Brooklyn, Winchester, Calgary, Denver, Durham, Houston, the Metro (Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead), New Orleans, Sarasota and Seattle. The FENCE was first developed in partnership with Photo District News in 2011 and explores the universal themes of people, streets, play, creatures, home, food and nature. FENCE LINK

CONGRATULATIONS goes to Rebecca for having her new work, How to Catch a Man Made Cloud, included in this exhibit. If you have time, make it down to Sarasota to catch The FENCE. It's worth the trip!

Artist Rebecca Sexton Larson, Co-Founder Boxfotos Airstream

Matt Larson, Overly Excited Husband - Embarrassing to Be Around at Times

Works from Other Artists

More of Rebecca's Images - Catching a Man Made Cloud Series

More Works from JP Terlizzi - The Good Dishes Series

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