• Matt Larson

Photo Safari to Get Out of the House

We're no different from all of you at home - sometimes, you just have to get out of the house! Well, one way is to take a hike - go make some new images. So while Rebecca was in her studio framing her new work for an upcoming exhibition, I decided to take a hike. I hope this give you some insight into how we do our hikes and make some of our images, I've included about nine pieces in this video where you get a real look at what it actually is and what I did with the situation. I'm shooting with my fairly new long zoom Lumix FZ2500 for the still images - and using my iPhone on a Zhiyun Crane Smooth Gimbal. It's a long hike but well worth it, the forest here off Morris Bridge Road is amazing! I hope you enjoy! Better yet, go take a hike!

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