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Orlando Road Trip Today

We just had to have some fun today so we took an ART DAY and headed towards Orlando to visit a good friend and say good bye to my Sony a7. Good bye! I truly didn't like the Sony a7 and often had bad results with the auto focus especially shooting video. My cheap Lumix FZ80 seriously out performed the Sony a7, so I decided to get a another Lumix - a better one for still photography. I absolutely LOVE these cameras and I'm getting fantastic results. So again, good bye Sony a7 - can't say that enough!

Me at Colonial Photo in Orlando buying another Panasonic Lumix product.

Thank you Colonial Photo & Hobby for taking my trade-in and hooking me up with my new long-zoom camera better built for my wilderness travels.

Our second stop was to visit Dan Hess and the Art & History Museums - Maitland. Dan and Rebecca worked together and he's the ultimate prep person, co-worker, artist and friend.

Lumix Pano of the main garden at Art & History Museums

Dan Hess & Rebecca Sexton Larson

This exhibition was installed and lit by Dan. Wow! Work by Dennis Wojtkiewicz.

Exhibition installation shot of Sweet, Fresh, Juicy: Florida Oranges in Art and History.

Then we were off to the Orlando Museum of Art to catch Stephen Althouse's METANOIA. Wonderful large digital works on black background featuring objects from around a farm. The images to me are a study of not only the objects, a master class in form, composition and line. The work is very pleasing and draws one in to see the fine details of the objects. It's very much like two-dimensional sculpture. It's really wonderful.

Stephen Althouse's METANOIA Exhibition

Also on view are some photographic works from the collection of BNY MELLON.

On the way home just about an hour and forty-five minutes away, we were treated to some rain which followed us home to Tampa. It was a wonderful ART DAY and I'm so glad to be Sony free.

All photographs on this post by Matt Larson

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