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When Matt and I purchased our Flying Cloud airstream back in 2011 our goal was to have a mobile studio, classroom and gallery. We hoped to visit area art organizations to teach and speak on historic photographic processes. The airstream would also be our photo studio on wheels for us to create in.

With a little decalling and decorating, we were ready to go. The only issue... how to store photographs safely while traveling on the road. It was decided that we would store individual prints and works in archival museum boxes. These boxes would then be stored in one of our very, narrow closets. The other closet was used to transport the vast amount of photo gear we have.

Right out of the gate we visited museums, art centers, the zoo and a few select open studios in the state. We had just got going when we had to take a medical leave for Matt's heart surgery. After several weeks of rest and recovery, we were at it again. As we have grown, it became apparent that we spent more time using the airstream as our mobile studio, traveling to state parks across the south. We still teach and will partake art events, but our energy has become more directed at traveling and making photographs.

Flash forward, today we travel, teach and have a new online store. The online addition to the boxfoto's dream makes it easier for guests to see more work, learn stories about where and how the images are created and provide a greater inventory of works to enjoy. We hope you will take some time and visit the store. Let us know what you think.

Right now we are featuring toy camera, silver prints by Matt. These works are part of the Artist Support Pledge. The works are $200, we agree to purchase work by another artist once we reach $1000 in sales. It is a win-win situation and an opportunity to support our artist friends more.

Remember... if you would like to take a class or study one-on-one with us, all you have to do is drop us a message and let us know what you have in mind.

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