In Search of Silver Spring's Monkeys

Lots of exciting things happening this upcoming weekend! Rebecca heads to Ocala, where she is one of the judges for the 53rd Annual Ocala Arts Festival. Voted as one of the top 200 Arts Festivals in the country by Sunshine Artist Magazine, the festival brings outstanding artists, wonderful music, food trucks, beer and wine, and student artwork to Downtown Ocala for a fantastic two-day event. Keep your fingers crossed that there is no rain!

Ocala Arts Festival Poster

While Rebecca is working at the art festival, Matt is going in search of the infamous Silver Springs monkeys. We did not have enough time to hike for monkeys during our last camping stay at Silver Springs, so he is making up for lost time this weekend.

Silver Springs, FL

Why are there monkeys at Silver Springs?

The story goes that 12 monkeys were released on an island within the park by a tour boat operator in the 1930s. The goal was to create a Tarzan-themed tourist attraction. In the end, the attraction never happened and the monkeys were abandoned.

Vintage Silver Springs Postcard

Armed with a new camera and hiking gear, Matt is sure to come back with something.......

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