Happy Holidays! Come on by...

Matt and I have had a great year! We have traveled in the boxfotos airstream to beautiful parks, residencies and exhibitions. We have taken time to hike and enjoy the great outdoors, all the while shooting images and looking for Big Foot (Matt, not me) ...

And though now is the time of the year we usually gear up and have our annual Open Studio, this year we are doing something a little different and scaling back.

This year we invite you take a break, come on by and say hi, share the adventures and stories you have experienced and reconnect. Matt has new cameras to share and I will offer a sneak peak of the new work I am taking to New Orleans for PhotoNola.

So on Saturday, November 30, we will be home. Take a break from your early shopping and stop by. We'd love to share our new projects, workshops and plans for next year. Of course, we are not opposed to pulling out some artwork if you are looking for that special holiday gift.

Date: Saturday, November 30

Time: 10 am - 8 pm

Location: Studio Boxfotos 2304 North Elcoe Dr. Tampa

* Some snacking may occur.

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