Finding Peace in Social Distancing

During this unsettled time, we are taking some time to step back and "social distance" from others. Traveling and camping in the airstream in some ways has always come with a certain amount of solitude. For now, however we are taking a break from conducting classes, workshops or mentoring sessions.

No worries! We will be back once the emergency has subsided. In fact, this break gives us an opportunity to plan more workshops and trips for Fall. While looking at a new one-on-one mentoring program for photographers interested in historic processes and yes.... iphoneography.

We are trying very hard to take a positive approach to this break and hope you will also find benefits to social distancing for a period of time. In addition to planning workshops, some of the other things we are going to tackle include some general maintenance issues on the silver bullet; putting to use the digital negative skills we recently learned at the Eastman House in some 'new' work and Rebecca is busy watercoloring images for a unique book project. Oh, and if you need some reading material she will be featured in the upcoming issue of Black and White Photography which should be on newsstands around April 7th (you can order online).

Need more ideas for the break? Here are some things we hope to do.

- Scan family photographs and important documents, we keep putting it off and living in Florida where hurricanes are a certainty it needs to get done.

- Read the stacks of photo magazines and books around the studio, then pass them on to others

- Believe it or not vacuum and fully clean the car and our tow vehicle, this includes putting together an emergency kit for our travels on the road.

- Take a look at the darkroom for future workshops (safety, chemicals, etc.)

- Gather new recipes for when this all has passed, especially dishes airstream appropriate

- Make friends with Youtube. Matt is a devoted viewer.

- Virtually check on family members and friends regularly. Disconnecting is good but don't lose complete connection with others.

REMINDER: As of this morning, the Florida State Parks website is saying the parks in the state are open for day use and camping. But, group activities and events are cancelled. To be sure, check with the park before you go.

We want everyone to be safe and heed the advise of those in the know! Wash those hands folks.

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