• Matt Larson

A Step Back In Time at Silver Springs

While the wife was judging the Ocala Arts Show, I took a solo hike to Silver Springs State Park and rode the glass bottom boats for the first time. Sad but true. Not sure what is going on with the Spring but it appears much of it is in neglect. The shops and boats are top notch but everything else looks like the park has been closed for 20 years and this was opening day. Anyway, I don't normally photograph birds but with my long zoom I accepted the challenge. No monkeys or Bigfoot were spotted. However, there were some promising signs of both. It's rare for me to do this, but here are some color shots from my day outing. #Lumix #LongZoom #SilverSprings #color #landscape #hiking #glassbottomboat #nature #bird #tour #springs

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